Touchstone Farm (1754)

The three-story post and beam bank barn — designated a “Barn of True Distinction” by the State of New Hampshire —  is the centerpiece of the farm. It has been moved only once, when a tornado touched the end of the barn and nudged it off its foundation. Local citizens then joined forces and moved it back.

Over time, the barn was also used as a county farm to house orphans, widows, and minimum security prisoners.

Like the barn itself, the stonewall foundation rocks on the first floor were hoisted by lever, oxen, or horse. The Pony Farm barn houses between 50 and 70 horses and provides lesson programs, summer camp, horse shows, and family weekends.  It also hosts Horse Power, a therapeutic riding program. The stalls in the barn are surrounded by a track, leaving plenty of room for riders to groom and tack up their own horses. 

Stagecoach horses were switched on the second-floor aisle. Pulleys on the ceiling served to remove the harnesses from the tired horse and to lower them onto a waiting, fresh steed. This location today is where horses are prepped for special events and old horses receive special “TLC.” Horsemanship classes are held here for both Pony Farm and Horse Power.

Sponsor: Achilles Agway


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Vaulting photo by Alex Thomas

Bottom pony photo courtesy Pony Farm