Connolly Brothers
Composted Bedded Pack Barn (2015)

The Connolly Brothers' new state-of-the-art CBP barn is the first in southern New Hampshire.

While manure storage is a major benefit, the primary motivation for most farmers is cow comfort – and health. Free of restraints, cows gather in convivial groups on a bedding of fine, dry sawdust when not feeding or being milked. The bedded pack, which is tilled twice a day, provides insulation against cold floors or surfaces in winter. It provides good footing with no danger of slippage when getting up. Since cows are less likely to go lame, have sore hocks, or undergo stress, they are healthier and better able to resist infection. Farmers also report a significant increase in milk production. [Excerpted from NRCS Manure Management Information Sheet No. 3, June 2007]

The composting barn provides housing for the family‘s expanding beef herd. It was designed by the Connolly Bros., engineered by Ben Tirey, P.E. of Peterborough, and built by D.A. Builders of Henniker. Building materials were supplied by Belletetes and Wilkins Lumber Co. Connolly Brothers received a grant from USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) to offset some of the costs of the project. The grant was received because the design of the barn is to reduce nutrient runoff by capturing nutrients from manure in compost made in the rear portion of the barn.

A representative from the Natural Resources Conservation Service will be in attendance on July 25 to explain the concept behind this type of barn. Other events will include pasture walks to watch the cows in the fields and milking and spinning demos. Lunch and drinks will be available through Mike and Cindi’s “Elliott’s Place” food trailer, and ice cream will be available at the store. There is also a public Portapotty on site.

Co-Sponsors: Animal Care Clinic of Peterborough, Eaton Berube Insurance

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